O.o OST?

2009-03-21 05:38:50 by Dark-Frando

What's this!? posting songs for the OST!?

well I never O.o

O.o OST?

News Post #6:

21st July 2008:
20%ish complete
Animation 15 seconds long.
Tediously learnt how to make a character walk.
Embaressed self making 'voice' clips.

22nd July 2008:
Decided to make a progress report on my err.. progress on my new animation series.

Here, Have a badly blurred preview screen shot XD

Project ELI : Progress report!

Did I really?

2008-07-22 10:06:34 by Dark-Frando

News Post #5:

So I have a flash that I posted a long time ago, it will soon be... DELETED! by me because it is false advertisement of what my actual animation is about. Similar yes, but different approach completely. So if you want a cheap laugh go there now before its gone! XD

Voice Acting? Me? D=>

2008-07-21 04:42:46 by Dark-Frando

News Post #4:

So via my recent attempts (you can see my longest attempt in the audio portal) I have conducted that I, suck at voice acting! D= *head desk moment*

This animation (which I may or may not be creating *shifty eyes*) better counter my bad voice acting. or atleast visa versa. I try my hand at everything but I can't be the BEST at everything you know. Just thought I'd let you guys in on how i felt about my bad voice acting. so don't go thinking I liked my attempts XD. But any 'fans' out there feel free to leave me a message about anything, questions, pointers, random joke that made you laugh, anything! =D


2008-01-28 07:31:43 by Dark-Frando

News Post #3:

Really... is there a chance a simple animation can make it within newgrounds if it is funny enough? I could spend the time (alot of it) on detailed animations but jokes come and go faster than that, so a simple animation would be better. But people vote badly for simplicity?

I never will know it seems until I try...


2007-12-01 20:04:07 by Dark-Frando

News Post #2:

Ok so making music is all fine and dandy right up until your music program won't give you what you need!

I want to make a proper song with classical instruments and none of the sequenced stuff that I already have but noooo apparently I can't find a program that will give me such things -_-; This is depressing...