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-the tree- -the tree-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So you know...

The MSN sound was because I told my friend not to message me because I was recording... so they messaged me >_> should of set it to busy but oh well. Thanks for making it.. err... visual aswell XD


oldlyshapedchris responds:

no problem. glad you liked it!

Beneath the Sheets Beneath the Sheets

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You spoofed my song! D=

But for the most part that is how I imagined it being used in a flash of some sorts. I was actually scared for a while there (yes I'm easy to scare) but it was all good in the end XD well done to you ^^

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Fro responds:

I'm sorry it scared you. I know it was a very terrifying movie. Don't worry though I will actually use this on a serious submission sometime. Flash submission also. Thanks for the review and thanks for letting me use your song.

kraft episode 1 A kraft episode 1 A

Rated 4 / 5 stars

not too bad

Good sounds and music, correctly synced.
Well drawn considering its a stick movie =P
Lack of blood makes it more 'universally' friendly.

NAY! =(
Writing sometimes disappeared too quickly or was rather squashed (recommend buttons and breaking some sentences up a little)
Grammatical and spelling errors (not greatly important but can make the thing look more professional)

That's all I can say off the top of my head ^^
overall I liked it quite a lot =)


Keep it up, I have my eye on you =P

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threassance responds:

yeah it's true the writing went by too fast, i'm still considering using voice acting on my next one. i don't just have the right voices for it. maybe i'll try to see if some software can help. thanks

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Pico Sim Date 2 (v.1.5) Pico Sim Date 2 (v.1.5)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It seems a bit unfair that people who couldn't work out a simple stratergy to get along with the game, decide to give it bad marks. Not to spoil it for any one but...

If you just load all your begining exp onto strength before the game starts, it'll help.
Once you've started the game, spend your $100 on advanced intellegence training, then ask for a promotion (remeber to do this every day)
if it fails? well the next day work on your intelegence the cheaper harder way and ask again.
keep doing this until you get promoted. After a promotion try and gain $100 then train advance intelegence. keep repeating this method for say... 20 days and you'll find you'll be having more then enough cash! spend your extra on a few trips to the pub and advanced strength. the rest is self explainitory really. and what does it matter if you fail first time around? you should be able to gain enough info about each girl to not worry about asking her questions second time around

Anyways, I personally love this game and has kept me occupied for aquite a few hours trying to unlock various bonuses. So what if there aren't any endings, Moosh has said he didn't have the time! that's good enoguh for me, i don't need endings XD

mind you, it does imply these going to be another addition to this game in the future... *day dreams*

A cup of cursors A cup of cursors

Rated 4 / 5 stars

30 minutes later...

ha for a while there I actually forgot that I was bored XD

Tell you what would be really good, something similar to this but you use the motions used on a web cam instead of a cursor. I'd probably spend alot more time messing about with that AND I'd be getting more excercise than I do in a chair =P

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Mortal Kombat Orion Mix Mortal Kombat Orion Mix

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

ahh, the memories...

This was a good remake, only problem with it is that some of the notes seemed to be wrong and sounded off. Also, that deep crash didn't sound right and out of place. other than that it was cool.



Missing Fantasy Missing Fantasy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice song!

The opening riff however seemed familiar somehow... Not sure where I've heard it before though so you are off the hook ^.~ other than that I thought the song was pretty good, maybe a little repetative if anything.



X-otiC responds:

i noticed that too i think its just a couple of synths i used
thanks for the review and the vote though

Auditions for a Project Auditions for a Project

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty good!

The first important thing is that this didn't make me shudder at all, which can happen if the voice acting is bad ><. The four voices were different from each other, which was good. Just a word about the British accent =P it starts out alright (English), and then when you said 'I'm not sure I'm pulling this off right now' you turn Irish I think XD But it's all good considering I'm British and end up getting my American accents mixed. A bit of practice should get it refined =D



snowfender responds:

hahaha thank you so much! i am glad that an actual british person has replied to this xD i always wonder if i'm gonna offend someone with my god awful accents. thanks for the detailed critique =)